Thursday, December 18, 2014

We're DONE!

         Well, sort of.  The Class of 2016 has successfully completed the first semester of the CSI Dental Hygiene Program.  We have learned so much this semester as we start our journey to becoming dental professionals.  It has not been without it's share of struggles and tears, but we have also had many triumphs and successes.  What a great group of women we have, and we would not be where we are without our wonderful professors!  See you all next year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Giving Back
It's the time of year where we often reflect on all of the blessings and good fortune we have.  Because we all have been blessed SO much, we wanted to give back to a family in our community.  We chose a family that had experienced tremendous hardship this past year and needed a little extra help with Christmas cheer.  We were so fortunate to be able to purchase  gifts and food for this family.  It really helped us all get into the Christmas Spirit and remember what this time of year is all about.  Merry Christmas!!!